Find RESQ™

If we stop and think about it, we either know of or have encountered someone who is in need. That need could be for a hot meal, a coat during cold weather, a shelter from the elements, a drink of water, intervention, etc. For some of us that’s a daily occurrence. There is help ‘out there’ in the community, but many of us just don’t know how to ‘tap into’ those resources.

Our aim here at RESQ™ is to eliminate the fears of  ‘not knowing’ what to do or where to go whenever you have a child, a young person, teenager, adult, or even a family who has turned their heel on a difficult situation or circumstance. There are drop-down menu items under “Find RESQ™” that will allow you to identify the area in which you are needing assistance.

If for whatever reason you are not finding what you need, please email or call us at (501) 358-4807.