About Us

Our goal at RESQ™ International, Inc. is to help individuals who are in need and those victimized by society and unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. This includes but is not limited to the homeless, women, children, those humanly trafficked and their families, plus others who have specific at-risk needs whether it be physical, emotional, mental or financial. It is our desire to help prevent the victimization of modern-day slavery, trafficking and societal ineptitude through hands-on provision, education, training, and community awareness campaigns.

We are able to do this through education, training, and prevention that paves the way to identifying at-risk individuals who are in need. RESQ™ International, Inc. was developed in order to establish the RESQ™ Network that connects local businesses, schools, ministries, and community groups through our RESQ™ integration software that will assist us in resourcing supplies to meet the physical needs in local shelters, food banks, thrift stores, etc. who in turn are bringing aid to the community.

We are developing extensive educational and reference materials that will be used to  educate those within our network with RESQ™’s vision and processes so that we can continue moving forward and expand our efforts throughout communities, cities, states and the nations.

Once we’ve achieved our goals within our communities and on a national level, we then begin assessing the needs for building  RESQ™ homes and RESQ™ transition homes in order to facilitate those who are receiving assistance and desire to become a functioning part of their community again. Our ultimate goal is not just to take care of those coming in, but to empower and equip those going out to be mentally, physically and emotionally capable of living successful lives.